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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

OKY5005 Robot Car Kit: Ultrasonic Obstacle/Fall Avoidance, Line Tracking, IR Control Smart Car

by Okystar
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OKY5005-Arduino Uno Bluetooth Intelligent Car is a single-chip learning and application development system based on the Arduino micro-controller atmega-328. It has 4in1functions such as tracking, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and remote Bluetooth. The kit contains a number of interesting programs that can extend the external circuit modules to raise the fun during developing MCU systems, away from the boring theory

  • Features:

    • (1) Motor parameters: voltage range: 6-9V, the reduction ratio is 48:1.

    • (2) The motor control uses the L298N drive module to achieve true isolation from the MCU.

    • (3) Three-way infrared tracking sensor combined with three-way tracking module to detect black and white lines with higher precision and can also be used to control anti-drop.

    • (4) Infrared remote control module to make intelligent vehicle control system.

    • (5) Ultrasonic module manufacturing automobile obstacle avoidance system.

    • (6) Colorful LED module combination smart car exercise, tracking, obstacle avoidance control signal indicator.

    • (7) Bluetooth wireless module can match Android mobile phone Bluetooth remote control smart car.

    • (8) Burn our latest Bluetooth integrated mode code, which can realize simultaneous control of Bluetooth APP and infrared remote control

    • Smart car exercise and obstacle avoidance mode, tracking mode, music mode switch function.

    • (9) It can access 7~12V external voltage. At the same time, we reserve some I/O interfaces to facilitate secondary development and carry various sensor modules to realize various functions according to your imagination.