Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone

SKU: MKB-99808


Airblock, an easy-assembling modular and programmable drone. It can be transformed among multiple forms like drone, hovercraft and other systems. With graphic programming software, Airblock inspires creative ways to play. Airblock is easy-to-play. Block assembly is simple and quick with well-designed magnetic connection. Everyone can enjoy the charm of modular & programmable drone.



1 main module & 6 rotors. Plug & play using magnetic connection enables creative transformation of Airblock and infinite fun. 
Airblock's main control module comes with three integrated LED lights, for which the color and brightness is individually controllable, a barometer for altitude sensing, a ultrasonic sensor for distance measuring, a gyroscope measuring and maintaining orientation, and a Bluetooth module for connectivity. The propeller modules are composed of hollow cup motor and propeller.


Aircraft Mode

Airblock's standard form is the six-rotors aircraft. Makeblock APP contains pre-defined functions. User can also create and Program Custom Controllers to realize the imagination of Airblock.

Propeller guards and soft build materials makes Airblock safe to use.



Hovercraft Mode

Simply rotate four of the propeller modules and install the included base to turn your aircraft into a hovercraft able to travel on level ground and hover above still water.

When in Land mode, Airblock becomes a high-speed drift racing car, and while in Water mode, Airblock functions as a watercraft that gently hovers across the water.


No coding experience required. Program your fancy flying through Makeblock APP. Its graphical programming interface makes it a fun and intuitive aerial platform, while custom-engineered magnetic connectors makes assembly quick and easy.



Airblock Fun!




Mini jet car

Turn your aircraft into a car with LEGO blocks or other mechanical parts and use your Airblock as an aircraft engine that thrusts air backward to propel your vehicle forward.



Pneumatic puppets

Utilize your propeller modules to move and manipulate everyday objects like paper cups to create moving puppets that you control by commanding your Airblock.


Wind-driven unicycle

The vertically installed propeller modules makes the unicycle turn and move forward while the horizontal propeller modules helps the unicycle turn.




Drone, Hovercraft, DIYForms Land, Sky, WaterApplicable Areas Makeblock AppControls
BluetoothConnectivity 8 Meters on Land
6 Meters on Water
Control Distance
6 Minutes as Drone
16 Minutes as Hovercraft
Battery Life
1.5 m/s as Drone
2.5 m/s as Hovercraft
Max Speed
150g as Drone
190g as Hovercraft
7.4V, 700mAhBattery
6-axis Gyroscope
6 Hollow-cup MotorPropulsion


1. Flying distance should not exceed 6 meters, and boating distance should not exceed 4 meters, to avoid accidents caused by lost Bluetooth connectivity.
2. Take off the protective cover when in Aircraft mode, as it prevents Airblock from flying.
3. Due to its modular design, Airblock is susceptible to wind, so it is recommended that you fly it in large, open indoor areas, and avoid using it outdoors on windy days.
4. In the even that one or more of the Airblock's modules become detached due to collision or other accidents, make sure to first power off the aircraft via the app before re-mounting the modules. If Bluetooth connection has been lost, take out the aircraft's batteries before re-asssembly to prevent accidents.
5. When in Hovercraft mode, the included protective cover can be used to protect the craft and propellers from damage. 
6. Make sure to set the corresponding Land or Water mode for your use case. Using the incorrect mode will cause Airblock to stop functioning or roll over.
7. Do not use Airblock on uneven ground or water with waves, as this may cause damage to your Airblock.
8. Although the propellers' special design protect them from horizontal entry and collision, fingers and objects can still enter from above and below the propellers. 
9. Airblock is not waterproof, thus it is not recommended to fly above water. Capsizing while in Water mode may cause a short circuit and could potentially damaget the machine circuitry.
10. Modules, which are connected via magnets, may come lose if your Airblock falls from a height or gets hit to absorb the impact, but the EPP protective ring and motor stand is still susceptible to damage.
11. Airblock is able to fly for about 6 minutes. When power is low, the main module's LED lights will turn red and the aircraft will automatically land.
12. If a propeller falls off while using Airblock, avoid contact with the potentially hot motor to avoid burns when re-assembling.