Codeybot: Fully Customizable Educational Robot


Program the Fun

Codeybot, the Fully Customizable Robot, Teaches Coding, Dances, Plays Music, and Shoots Lasers
He inspires fun and learning through his LED drawing panels, feeds entertainment to daily life with all his customizable features, and encourages connectivity through his stero speakers, dancing capabilities, and battle mode. Get ready to program the fun!

Coding Begins with Having Fun

Entertaining, Programmable, and Full of Features: a robot that is truly accessible to all.


Why Learn to Code

• Code powers our digital world. Programmers are the pioneers of the digital age, and we aim to make them better.

• The future. Children are learning to build, break, and combine code in new and exciting ways. We’re raising a generation that will use code like we use words.

• The excitement of programming. Learning to code is a process so natural that anyone can learn at any age.


Limitless Possibilities

Don’t let his size fool you; this little bot packs a big punch.

Self-Balance on Wheels

Keep bot upright and balanced with internal gyros

Customize Look

Draw faces using blue LED dots or choose LED wheel color

Dance to Music

Drop in one of five pre-programmed dances

Make Silly Voices

Record your voice for Codeybot to repeat in its own cartoony voices


For All Learning Styles

More Ways for Anyone to Control Codeybot - for Auditory, Visual, and Tactile Learners

• Voice Control
  Command with phrases like “change color” & “forward.”

• mBlocky App Control
 Learn coding by snapping building blocks together.

• Tilt Remote Control
  Use smart devices to tilt and control like an RC car.