Hall Sensor Velocity Measurement And Counting Sensor 3144E


Hall sensor module is used for magnetic field detection, which adopts 3144E Hall Switch Sensor.

Module Interface Description

  • VCC: connect to positive 3.3-5V
  • GND: connect to negative
  • DO: Digital signal output on module, outputs low level when magnetism available
  • AO: Hall real-time voltage output

There are two outputs on the module

  • AO, Hall real-time output
  • DO, the Hall signal output after being regulated by the comparator

Module features

  • Small size: 32mm X 14mm
  • With a 3mm mounting screw hole
  • You can use 3-5.5v DC power supply
  • With Hall real-time output signal
  • More stable output signal after being regulated by comparator
  • Comparator output capability: 16mA
  • With power indicator
  • With indicator for comparator output