mElephant 3D Printer


What is mElephant?

Makeblock mElephant 3D Printer is a new generation of 3D Printer from Makeblock with high-precision and extensibility.


Accuracy + Precision

Both accuracy and precision matter in 3D Printing. mElephant has the timing belt drive and lead-screw drive in the same time, it provides high-accuracy with XY resolution as 0.1mm, and layer resolution as 0.1-0.3mm, which means it can produce exactly the 3D printing you design.


High-Quality Printing

Think about custom-creating everything you like, from decorations to spare parts to toys. Whether it's a simple or a complicated structure, mElephant always produce very detailed and high-quality printing. Start enjoying the happiness of turning things you imagine into real objects.

Elegant in Minimalist

Holding the concept of minimalist, mElephant is constructed simple but elegant. Delicate blue anodized aluminum frame, streamlined shape, and specially-designed OLED screen bring sturdy operation and easy-to-understand control.


Simple but Powerful

mElephant is an integrated machine, it will arrive you assembled and ready-to-use, making sure that you can focus on DIY and printing.

• Open source

• Support offline mode

Affordable & Reusable

While mElephant 3D Printer is affordable than ever, it is fully compatible with Makeblock platform to ensure repeated usage and possibility of applying the parts to build other robots.


Strict Quality Control

Each 3D Printer has been tested strictly before sending to you, ensuring it arrives you with perfect condition. You will also recieve an elephant as a printing sample.

What can we use mElephant for?

mElephant matching with electronics (RAMPS1.4 shield, Mega2560 compatible board) and software (Crua,Printrun), you can get high-quality prints and extreme precision, XY Resolution: 0.1mm, Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.3mm. You can enjoy so much fun from your own 3D printer and even use it for prototyping, printing art craft, models, sculptures or toys.

No matter if you are students, office clerks, designers, engineers, educators or inventors, you can always bring your ideas to life by printing out objects such as prototypes, various models, phone cases, toys, and mechanical parts to build your robots.



1. We will deliver three free power supply: 24V/5A with China standard plugs,  American Standard Plug Adapter - 10A/250V and Universal Plug Adapter for Germany, France, Europe, Russia (Type E/F) in the package. You may need to buy other Power plugs in our website depending on your requirements.

2. The package just contains a small section PLA Filament for the testing, you may need to buy other 1.75mm PLA Filament in our website.

3. Makeblock mElephant 3D printer is not included in our "Free Shipping Offer". It varies by buyer location.Thank you for your understanding.

4. The package include the assembled machine with installation tools, the DIY kit is on the way.


• Heavy-duty aluminum frame for long-time use.

• Delicate brand-new-designed OLED screen for better vision and easy operation.

• Auto-leveling print bed for good precision and high printing quality.

• Works with both Cura and Printrun.

• XY resolution as 0.1mm, and layer resolution as 0.1-0.3mm for high-accuracy.

• Support extending with Makeblock additional parts.

• Use it for prototyping, printing art crafts, models, sculptures, and toys.