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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

OKY1211 Advanced RFID Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi Development Starter Kits

by Okystar
Sold out
This is an advanced learning kit for Raspberry Pi. It is equipped with more interesting and powerful functional modules than the basic starter kit, and so it is more suitable for those who have already had some relevant knowledge. This advanced version provides more abundant learning materials and more space for creating some interesting interactive projects.

Kit List Qty
Resistance package
(1K 5pcs+10K 5pcs + 220R 8pcs )
The LED package ( red light 5pcs + yellow light 5pcs +blue light 5pcs ) 1
Suit key 1
NFC read-write card module 1
L9110 fan module 1
TTP229 16-way touch switch 1
SR04 ultrasonic module 1
 LED matrix module 1
 GPIO extension plate  V3 1
50K adjustable potentiometer 1
DHT11 temperature and humidity
on the red board
ADXL345 digital triaxial 1
10 mm highlight full-color LED 1
0.96 inch highlight   OLED module 1
The bread line 30PCS 1