Raspberry Pi 2 Media Center Kit

It’s an out-of-box media center kit based on Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi is the perfect device for build home theater systems. This kit is compatible with Raspberry Pi Model B+/A+/2, and the SD card pre-installed OpenELEC for Pi 2(Of cause, you can re-burn OpenELEC for Pi Model B+/A+).
The Kit contains:
5V 2.1A Power Adapter(European version coming soon): 2.1A Power Adapter is the good choice for Pi 2.
Micro USB and HDMI Cable: There are a switch which USB cable contains is built-in, so you can turn on/off easily. And the HDMI cable is 1.5 meters length.
WiFi USB Adapter: Network devices, wire or wireless.
Transparent arc enclosure: A blister shell, easy to assemble
16GB SD Card: pre-installed OpenELEC Media Center System, and a  greater capacity to store more


  •  Out-of-box
  •  OpenELEC preinstalled
  •  Raspberry Pi 2 supported
  •  16GB MicroSD
  •  Including WiFi USB Dongle
  • HDMI CEC supported


Parts list:

1. 16GB MicroSD

2. Raspberry Pi 2 Arc Enclosure - Transparency

3. American Standard USB Wall Charger

4. USB to Micro Cable w/ Switch

5. 1.5M HDMI Male to Male Cable

WiFi USB Adapter(Realtek RTL8292cu)