Smart Smoke Sensor [Zigbee]


This device is a smart photoelectric smoke sensor, with an ultra-low-power Zigbee wireless technology design. It is capable of real-time detection of the presence of smoke, and detects visible particles (smoldering fire) faster than ionization smoke alarms. Red LED bulbs will flash rapidly and an audible alarm will sound once smoke is detected; it can also be programmed to send notifications to your smart phone upon sensing smoke or fire. It is perfect for both the home and office/workplace.


  • Voltage: DC3.0V                                                                 
  •  Static Current: ≤ 10uA                                                          
  •  Alarm Current:  60mA                                                          
  •  Alarm indication: Sound & Flashing                                            
  •  Efficient control distance: 100m                                                  
  •  Operating temp: -10℃~ 50℃                                                
  •  Operating humidity: 5%~95%    
  •  Dimension(mm): 60*60*49.2