TechBox Tricks



TechBox is a series of electronics modular kits for DIY enthusiasts, electronic beginners and educators. With the plug and make feature, the entry level TechBox Tricks sets you to a good start on a journey of creation without any requirement of programming knowledge.

Key Features

Tiny, powerful, plug-and-make Tiny, powerful, plug-and-make

With 84 various combinations to play withWith 84 various combinations to play with

Step-by-step tutorials provide learning and making experience full of funStep-by-step tutorials provide learning and making experience full of fun

Full support and resources from Grove familyFull support and resources from Grove family


What's Included

  • Logic DC Jack (Mainboard) × 1
  • Battery Cable × 1
  • Grove Tricks × 1
  • Grove Cables × 2
  • DC Motor × 1
  • Grove Branch Cable × 1
  • 9V Battery × 1
  • Quick Starter Guide × 1



Project 1: The Spinning Art

This might be the fastest way to create a painting. Hold a bunch of markers on one hand and a motor attached with a blank paper on the other. What you need to do as a master artist is to trigger the motor to spin and sign your name when finished.

The Spinning Art


Project 2: Play with Light & Structure

Button-controlled LED is the most classic interactive project for beginners. But what about a million of light via reflections? Inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirrored room, you can quickly create a fancy lampshade or an installation with a touch sensor, a LED and silver reflective paper.

Play with Light & Structure

Project 3: Security Pendant

It will produce a hard sound while being touched. Let's put it on bags just as a security alarm. Try now!

Security Pendant

Project 4: Carrot Fox Lighthouse

In the forest there is a fox who looks like a carrot. The carrot fox is the lighthouse keeper. When it's getting dark, the lighthouse provides warm light to guide the animals' way back home. By adopting NOT function of the Logic DC Jack, we can make a magic lighthouse.

Carrot Fox Lighthouse