USB C8051F Debugger, C8051F Programmers & Debuggers



The USB C8051F Debugger provides the interface between the PC's USB port and the target device's in-system debug/programming circuitry.

The attached 10-pin DEBUG ribbon cable connects the adapter to the target board and the target device's debug interface. The USB C8051F Debugger supports both Silicon Laboratories JTAG and C2 debug interfaces. Power is provided to the adapter from the USB connection to the PC. The USB C8051F Debugger is capable of providing power to a circuit board via pin 10 of the DEBUG connector.

Key Features

  • In-system debuging and programming
    • supports Go or Stop, Step, Multiple Step, Breakpoint, Watchpoints, etc.
    • features up to 4 breakpoints
  • USB connection to the PC
    • Power supplied by USB connector
      • supply up to 5V/500mA to a target system
      • output driven supported
      • ESD protection supported
    • USB 2.0 full speed interface compatible
    • USB standard A to Mini-B cable provided
  • JTAG and C2 debug interfaces