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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)




WIFI-LPB100-A is a WiFi module with PCB antenna.


  • Independently developed MCU platform, high cost performance
  • Ultra low power consumption, suit for battery-powered applications
  • Supports UART/GPIO data interfaces
  • Supports Smart Link (APP provided)
  • Firmware upgradable via wireless and remote, wireless batch configuration tool is also provided
  • Supports WPS configuration
  • Supports software power switch (reserved for the moment)
  • SDK provided for secondary development
  • Optional antenna
    • WIFI-LPB100-A : PCB antenna
    • WIFI-LPB100-B : External antenna


Type Specification Value
Wireless Standard Certification FCC/CE
Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range 2.412GHz-2.484GHz
TX Power 802.11b: +16 +/-2dBm (@11Mbps)
802.11g: +14 +/-2dBm (@54Mbps)
802.11n: +13 +/-2dBm (@HT20, MCS7)
RX Sensitivity 802.11b: -93 dBm (@11Mbps ,CCK)
802.11g: -85dBm (@54Mbps, OFDM)
802.11n: -82dBm (@HT20, MCS7)
Antenna Embedded : PCB antenna
External : I-PEX connector
Hardware Standard Certification RoHS compliant
Data Interface  UART
PWM, GPIO, SPI (reserved)
Voltage Level 2.8~3.6V
Operating Current Emitting : peak ~200mA
Normal : avg ~12mA, peak 200mA
Standby : <200uA (reserved for the moment)
Software power off : <10uA (reserved for the moment)
Operating Temp. -40℃- 85℃
Storage Temp. -45℃- 125℃
Dimension 23.1mm x 32.8mm x 2.7mm
Software Wireless Network Type STA/AP/STA+AP
Security Algorithm WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Encryption WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES
Firmware Upgrading Web
Customization Supports user customized web page
SDK provided for secondary development
Network Protocol IPv4, TCP/UDP/HTTP
Configuration AT+instructions set, Web page
Android/iOS terminal, Smart Link APP