These free, downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdBlocks.


Lesson activity worksheets

The EdBlocks activity worksheets are designed to allow students to work through activities
independently, gradually learning about both the Edison robot and EdBlocks. This set of 23
lesson activities is perfect for students in year levels 3 to 6. 

Download the EdBlocks lesson activities set (complete set)

Download the EdBlocks lesson activities set (individual files and complete set)

Teacher's guide to EdBlocks

This guide offers teachers and instructors overviews, activity extensions and other
supporting information for the EdBlocks lesson activities to help make teaching
EdBlocks easy and fun. Each EdBlocks activity is included in this guide along with
any relevant supporting information for that activity. 

Download the teacher’s guide to EdBlocks

Curriculum linking guide

This resource serves as a guide as to how the EdBlocks lesson activities to link to standards and requirements in the Australian Curriculum (v8.3).

Download the EdBlocks curriculum linking guide


EdBlocks block guide

Need an offline reference to the blocks in EdBlocks? This guide includes images of the blocks in EdBlocks and the tooltip helper text for each block from the online application. 

Download the EdBlocks block guide