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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

EdPy lessons

EdPy programming language

EdPy is a text-based programming language for the Edison robot and is based on Python, a popular computer programming language known for being easy-to-learn with high readability. 

Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are some of the companies that use the Python program to develop its applications. Edpy makes programming fun for students because not only can they learn how to code but they can see their codes come to life with their Edison robots! 

The online EdPy programming has a wide range of features that help students learn texted-based programming. These features include:

  • Line help – an English explanation of lines of code
  • Autocomplete – automatically offers suggestions when users are typing out their codes
  • Popup Assistance – a pop-up box that offers assistance on codes as the learner is typing
  • Help text and examples – the programming device contain built-in texts and examples

You can access EdPy online at

Getting started with EdPy

To get you started with EdPy program, we’ve created a free video tutorial series. Each of the short videos will introduce an element of the EdPy environment to help users get the most out of using EdPy to program your Edison robot. Be sure to check out the other videos in the series too!



These free, downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdPy.

Lesson activity worksheets

The EdPy lesson plans are designed to introduce programming to students using Edison and EdPy in a structured, progressive way. The student worksheet set, containing 38 worksheets with 9 activity sheets, is organized into 10 lessons. The student worksheets enable independent learning and are
perfect for students in year level 7 and above (13+ years old).

Download the EdPy student worksheet set

Teacher's guide to EdPy

This guide offers teachers and instructors overviews, activity extensions and other supporting information for the ten EdPy lessons. The guide is structured as a complementary supplement to the student worksheet set and includes an overview of each lesson’s key learning outcomes, supporting information for each student worksheet, a student progress tracking chart and the answer key to the student worksheets.

Download the EdPy teacher’s guide