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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

EdWare lessons


These free, downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdWare.

Lesson plans

The EdWare lesson plans are designed to introduce programming using Edison and EdWare in a structured way. Each of the EdWare lessons has been designed to be completed in 90 minutes, however, the actual time required will vary based on your students’ ages and abilities. 

Download the complete set of 10 lesson plans Complete 10 Lesson Plans

Download the EdWare worksheets (36) and activity sheets (5)


Curriculum linking guide

This resource serves as a guide as to how the EdWare lesson plans link to standards and requirements in the Australian Curriculum.

Download the EdWare lesson plan linking guide (Australian Curriculum)


Activity book

Take the exploration of robotics and coding even further! This activity book is perfect for additional independent exploration of Edison and EdWare beyond the lesson plans. Designed for use outside the classroom or as an independent extension, students will learn more about how to write their own robot controlling programs using the EdWare programming software.

Download the EdWare EdBook2 activity book: Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Programmer

Download the robot programs from the EdWare EdBook2 


Additional EdWare progamming projects with EdCreate

Give your students the opportunities to program solutions to real-world robotic challenges using EdWare and EdCreate, the Edison robot creator’s kit. Multiple programming challenges using the EdCreate EdBuilds are available in the EdCreate teaching guideOr unlock your student’s creativity and EdWare programming prowess with the EdCreate EdChallenges!