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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)
Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

TinyDuino Processor Board



The TinyCircuits TinyDuino is an Arduino compatible board in an ultra compact package. The TinyDuino processor board is roughly equivalent to the Arduino Uno board – same processor, same signals brought out to a shield connector. In fact, most Arduino sketches will work as is without any changes.

The TinyDuino Processor Board is available in three variations:

  • With Lithium Battery Support - has an on-board Lithium battery charger that will charge the battery when attached to USB
  • With coin cell battery support - for low power applications, use a simple CR1632 coin cell battery that can be easily changed
  • Without battery options - the lightest and lowest cost option

Main Features:

  • Atmega328P processor (same as is used on the Arduino Uno)
  • Power Switch
  • Status LED
  • 8MHz ceramic resonator
  • External power supported with a 0.1″ power connection holes
  • Supports automatic switching between +5V and VBATT (if +5V is present, it will be used instead of the battery)
To learn more about the TinyDuino Platform, click here


    • Arduino Compatible
    • Expandable with Stackable TinyShield Boards
    • Optional battery connector for CR1612-CR1632 coin cell batteries
    • Optional Lithium battery connector and charger
    • 0.1″ spaced solder holes for external power source
    • Robust Gold Finish – makes soldering easy and is non-corrosive
    • Ultra compact size and weight (smaller than a US Quarter!)
      •  20mm x 20mm (.787 inches x .787 inches)
      • Max Height (without battery holder): 2.9mm (0.12 inches)
      • Max Height (with coin cell battery holder): 6.58mm (0.26 inches)
      • Ultra-thin 0.61mm (0.024 inches) PCB
      • Weight: 1.10 grams (0.039 ounces) - Lithium version
    • Atmel ATmega328P Microcontroller
      • 32KB Flash, 2KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM
      • 1.2mA (typical) @ 3V, 4MHz
      • Default Clock speed: 8MHz
    • 2.7V – 5.5V operating voltage
    • 20 I/Os (14 Digital, 6 Analog / Digital I/O) – All the signals on the Arduino Shield connectors are supported!
    • Arduino Bootloader preprogrammed (uses approx 0.5 KBytes of Flash Memory)


    • If you are brand new to the TinyDuino, buying a kit is the best way to go since it will have all the parts needed.  Check out the TinyDuino Kits here
    • All batteries are sold separately
    • To program this board, you need to use the TinyShield USB Board
    • This board does not include a voltage regulator – do not supply more than +5.5V to VBATT or the +5V signal or you will permanently damage the board and ruin your day.