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Free standard shipping on orders over $30 (Canada & USA only)

Edison - Educational Robot V3.0 with Aluminum Case


Meet Edison

The super affordable, programmable robot. Your stepping stone into the exciting world of science and technology!

You can find all of the free Edison resources, including E-books, lesson plans and activities, on our downloads page.


Why Edison?

Have you ever wanted to get into robotics, but found it too difficult or expensive?

Meet Edison…

  • Super affordable
  • Programmable – Free open source graphical programming software
  • LEGO® compatible – Modular and easily expandable
  • Easy to use – Has many pre-programmed functions activated by barcodes
  • Remote control – Learns commands from TV/DVD remote controls
  • Suitable for all ages – From 5 to 95
  • Built to last

…so what will you invent?

Who is Edison for?

Edison is for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. You can buy a single robot and learn computer programming just like other robotics systems which can cost much, much more. Edison is a great resource for teachers as classroom sets are now very affordable for schools – it’s now possible to have one robot per student. Edison is modular and LEGO® compatible. He provides a scalable way to build any size robotic invention.

Edison is the perfect teaching and learning robot for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities!

What can Edison do?

Edison - Lego Compatible Educational Robot V2.0

Edison full of amazing features and functionality.

Edison has:

  • infrared obstacle detectors (left and right)
  • line tracking sensor
  • light sensors (left and right)
  • infrared receiver
  • infrared transmitter
  • piezo sounder
  • sound sensor
  • two motors with variable speeds
  • left and right red LED lights
  • and three control buttons

Edison can:

  • navigate his way around by detecting obstacles to his left or right
  • be controlled by a standard TV/DVD remote
  • follow a line or stay within a border
  • follow a flashlight
  • communicate with another Edison using infrared light – robot swarms anyone?!!
  • play beeps and musical tunes
  • respond to clapping and other loud sounds
  • move in any direction through his differential drive system

Edison - Lego Compatible Educational Robot V2.0


EdWare is a fun way to start learning computer programming.

This simple ‘drag and drop’ graphical programming language uses CONTROL,READ, DATA and FLOW instructions that are linked together in a logical ’flowchart’ style. 

Advanced programming is just a mouse click away – up to 1000 command icons can be used in a single program. Sophisticated programs using 16-bit maths and event interrupts can also control one Edison, or several Edisons operating together.

Edison - Lego Compatible Educational Robot V2.0

EdWare is a free open source program that runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows computers.

Edison - Lego Compatible Educational Robot V2.0

To upload your program to Edison, the supplied EdComm data cable is simply connected between your computer’s headphone jack and Edison. Then press PLAY and let Edison do the rest! You can find the included cable in the rear compartment of the robot where the batteries will be placed.

EdComm uses audio encoded data to transfer your program to Edison. This happens via your computer’s headphone socket, so no additional driver software is required to be installed.

If you want to learn more about how to control Edison – download the EdWare beta and try for yourself  – it’s really easy to install, but you’ll need an Edison to run the program.

LEGO Compatibility

Edison has been designed, as not only a stand-alone robot but also as a modular robotics system that is easily expandable using LEGO® bricks. 

Edison - Lego Compatible Educational Robot V2.0

Two or more Edisons can be connected together. For example, you can create a bulldozer, where the bottom Edison becomes the wheel driving mechanism and the top Edison controls the bucket tipper. The Edison is compatible with any standard Lego piece, so the possibilities are endless!


New inventions are only limited by your own imagination! 

 You can find all of the free Edison resources, including E-books, lesson plans and activities, on our downloads page.


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